ETL4ALL is a 24-month project financed by the European programme Erasmus+ and started in September 2014. Its consortium is composed by five competent partner organisations representing four countries: Belgium, France, Italy and Spain. The project aims at providing the necessary groundwork to enable learner mobility at level 4 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) in the Transport and Logistics sector.

Project origins

The origins of the ETL4ALL project lie in NETINVET (www.netinvet.eu), a European mobility network of training centres, schools and professional organisations from several European countries aiming at building trust and making current learners mobile in the sectors of International Trade and Transport & Logistics.

So far, the network only supports mobility at EQF level 5. But there was a strong need expressed by some of the members to enlarge the mobility offers and to enable mobility at EQF level 4. Also, new training centres have indicated a desire to become member once the possibility was given to organise mobility for learners at EQF level 4. During a General Assembly of the network the official decision to enlarge NETINVET was taken and together with its partners, AFT responded to this with the ETL4ALL project.

Project objectives

The ETL4ALL project intends to carry out the necessary preparatory work to make EQF level 4 qualifications in Transport and Logistics available in the four partner countries and to allow European mobility at this level. Therefore the project produces the required documents and cares for the implementation of mobility at EQF level 4 by integrating the results into the existing network NETINVET.